Redhawks News · Snow Days…for the Athletic Department

I wanted to inform everyone of our snow day procedures regarding contests and practices.  It has been standard to cancel Middle School contests and practices on snow days.  At the High School level that is different.
Mike Walbeck, our Transportation Director, Dr. Davis and myself communicate to evaluate the condition of roads on snow days.  We wait until noon to make any decisions about contests and practices. If they are allowed, practices do not occur until after 12:00.  In some cases, like today, it is decided that all activities are cancelled.  Safety concerns, forecasting the weather and considering travel are all factors.
When the conditions improve we do hold practices and events.  When school is in session for a day the same procedure is followed considering activities for later that day.  This occurs often in the Spring with rain.
Finally, communication with each school has to occur to finalize cancellations or to confirm we are indeed competing.  As was the case today it was three different schools and four different sports.  After a decision is made I try to communicate with coaches first so they can communicate with their student athletes and families.  Then Laura Altic and I notify officials, concession workers, ticket takers, game workers, etc.  I try to answer phone calls, text messages and e-mails during this process but it would be impossible to communicate with each person individually.  The use of the website seems to be a useful tool.
So, please check the website and/or wait to hear from your coach.
Thanks for your patience today and in the future when Mother Nature strikes again.
Go Redhawks!