Redhawks News · Comment with Caution

Athletes, Parents, Fans and Coaches,

I am encouraging everyone to read and then discuss this important message.  Please think before you post a message on Social Media.  Recently, in Wisconsin, a very talented student athlete was suspended for a tweet, see article below.  Some will argue that her punishment was too much, but why not avoid the entire mess in the first place?  I have seen some recent posts about the Interstate-8 that I am glad my Grandmother didn’t have to see.  I am encouraging Marshall Athletes, Coaches, Parents and Fans to only use Social Media in a positive and respectful manner.  Anonymous handles are misleading, hiding behind them to post cruel, negative and/or inaccurate information could lead to legal issues.  What will college applications and resumes look like?  All of us need to monitor this problem.  Let’s show some Redhawk Pride and comment with caution.