Girls Varsity Tennis · Thank you Seniors….Girls Tennis 2020

Marshall Tennis 2020 Redhawks…from Coach Ortiz

Girls Varsity Tennis Seniors this year are Emma Ruedisueli, Karlee Malone, and Marie Mathieu.  They are smart, athletic, and are leaders, that I know would have helped this team to strive and have success for this spring season.  I am proud to have had the opportunity to coach and mentor them for their future success as they move on to the next chapter in their lives and wish them the best.  I would like to thank their parents and family for all their help with food, transportation, and anything else that I may have needed and especially their support, that is most important to me.

Below are comments from the seniors:

Emma Ruedisueli

  1. Favorite High School Sports Moment in Tennis: My sophomore year was probably my favorite season on the Lady Hawks Tennis Team. I got moved up to the Varsity to play doubles in the Otsego tournament and I had a blast. I’ve also always enjoyed the camaraderie of our team, from laughing and jamming out during practice to getting Ice cream after matches.


  1. Starting tennis my freshman year was one of the best decisions I made in high school. The social aspect of the team has always been so fun and I have had the chance to meet and play against so many amazing girls. I was so looking forward to being Team captain this year and for all the memories the season brings, but I know I will cherish the memories from the past and I’m truly thankful for all the time we did have.

Karlee Malone

  1. My favorite memory from playing tennis was making a very competitive varsity team my first year playing as a sophomore. I really enjoyed playing with a lot of upperclassmen and I learned a lot from them.


  1. I’m going to miss being able to play with my sister. I was really excited to play on the same tennis team together for the first time because we are very competitive with each other. I know it would have been really fun to be there throughout the season to support and challenge each other.

Marie Mathieu

  1. My favorite moment in tennis was from last year, it was my first year playing. I enjoyed being a part of the varsity team and getting to know the other girls on the team. I had fun getting to play in matches and overall just enjoyed the atmosphere of the team and the sport.


  1. What I will miss most about tennis is just being able to play in general. I will also miss getting to spend time with the other girls and traveling to matches.