Redhawks News · Yearbook 2019-20…Special Announcement

The spring sports section of the yearbook will be a unique one this year. We are partnering heavily with the athletic office to attain as many photos and quotes as possible for our spring sports section of the yearbook. If you are a student athlete that participates in a spring sport program, and would like to see yourself reflected in the 2019-2020 yearbook, please send Mrs. Burghard an email at with any of the following information:

1. One photo of you playing your spring sport from previous seasons (school or club)

2. Your name

3. What you will miss most about the spring 2020 sports season. 

Parents, if you have multiple students involved in sports, you may feel free to send one photo per student. Group photos are also accepted.

All information and participation is required by a deadline of May 1st!

Stay safe and healthy!

Mrs. Burghard