Multiple Teams · Spectators, Face Masks, Tickets, etc! Update 10/8/20

Important Memo from the Marshall High School Athletic Department!

Good Morning Redhawk Fans!

Well, this week has been a simple snapshot of the last seven months.  If we were ever afraid of change we should certainly be over that by now.  The goal of this message is to communicate the continued safe practices of face coverings, social distancing and limited spectator numbers for our athletic events.

First, congrats to all of our teams and coaches for navigating these unprecedented times.  Varsity Tennis and Golf are finishing their seasons this week, while Soccer starts MHSAA tournament play on 10/20 here in Marshall.  Volleyball starts their MHSAA tournament here in Marshall on 11/4, and Football will be in the play-offs on 10/30 or 10/31.  Swimming and Diving still have over a month left in their season.  Both Cross Country teams continue their seasons by hosting the Calhoun County Meet this Saturday at Cornwell’s.  And our Middle School Volleyball and Cross Country teams will wrap up their short seasons next week.

The MHSAA and the Department of Health and Human Services have both issued statements regarding spectator limitations and face coverings for athletic events moving forward and Marshall Public Schools and the Interstate-8 will be following those guidelines.  Please click and read both links below:

Bottom line…FACE COVERINGS ARE all spectators, players, coaches and game workers.  Tickets are limited and we putting the focus on the athletes and their families to receive those tickets.  We have made it this far into the fall season with 2-tickets/participant.  And in some cases that scenario will continue, due to the percentage of capacity allowed at different venues.

Here is a brief summary for each sport.  Coaches will communicate with their athletes and teams for updates and information.


Cross Country…Please limit the number of spectators per participant and watch for specific rules from each host.

Volleyball…Will continue with 2 spectators per participant.  Unfortunately this is necessary due to the size of the venues and four teams playing at one location.  Tickets are needed to enter and donations will be accepted.


Cross Country…Please limit the # of spectators per participant and watch for specific rules from each host.

Football…Starting with today’s (10/8) home JV game vs. Western more tickets have been handed out to athletes.  Every spectator must have a ticket to enter and will pay $5.00, no exceptions. Varsity Football will include players, cheerleaders and band(for home games) and those participants will be given tickets to share with family and friends.  Again, everyone must have a ticket to enter and will pay $5.00 admission at home and away games.

Soccer…Today at Pennfield 10/8, 2 spectators per participant.  More information and ticket availability for the 10/20 District Semi-Final will be announced sometime next week.  Admission for the MHSAA District Tournament will be $6.00 per person.

Swimming and Diving…The small size of seating capacity will limit the number of people that may attend. Continue the check-in process and watch for spectator limitations for each location.

Volleyball…Some events will be roster check-in (like today’s JV Tri @ Marshall) and admission will be $5.00 per person, and limited to two spectators per participant.  League events remaining will use the ticket process and coaches will distribute to their athletes. Each gym has different capacity numbers depending on how many teams are present, size of gym, number of seats available, etc.  Plan on paying $5.00 for each contest.  The MHSAA District Tournament will be $6.00 per person.

In Summary Please Follow these Guidelines!!

#1…Face Coverings Are Required!

#2…Social Distancing and Spectator Limitations are Still Required.

#3…Admission Will Be $5.00 for Everyone, NO PASSES are being issued or sold during this time.

#4…Tickets or Roster Check-ins Will Be Followed…Make Sure You Know In Advance!